PowerPoint Presentation•Formalized and consistent research-based lesson plan design founded on Madeline Hunter’s Essential Elements of Effective Teaching, to include the arts and technology to provide enrichment and innovative teaching strategies

•Schoolwide Weekly Essay Prompts focused on current events that engage students in higher order thinking and relevant real world applications

•High school graduation requirements aligned with UC/Cal State eligibility and monitored using the CATCH-Plan

•Schoolwide CATCH-CLASS™ based on Universal Design for Learning and strategically scheduled to provide test-prep, intervention, and rigorous instruction that meet student needs (i.e. CAHSEE Prep focus, homework assistance, SAT Prep)

•Standardized classroom environments that include: Student Work, College Board, ART Corner, Standards, CATCH Board, and clear student expectations and routines

•Weekly Teacher Professional Development – every Wednesday for 3 hours

•Promoting good behavior and positive discipline as an alternative for suspensions and expulsions