Harmony, Luxury, Style

Building and designing a home is not easy. So, when C.A.T.C.H. students decided to dabble in the art of 3d design during their Graphic Arts class, they were prepared for the challenging task of conceptualizing every aspect of a home’s aesthetics. What follows is a rendering of 2 rooms (a bedroom and living room) laid out in specialty software, perfectly to scale.

CG renderings2

1.- It begins with a floor plan. Graphic design students spent weeks in the Fall coming up with the idea of how the entire house would be situated. From the garage, to the pool, the whole house was designed to be a peaceful and relaxing environment to its owner.

2.- This panel is how it all starts. Bulky and laid out in blocks, this rendering helps give the designer the actual palette for work. The details will be added to the rendering later on in the process.

3.- This panel is of the same room, but from a separate angle. The software the Design Class used allows for a user’s perspective to be manipulated at any one of three-hundred-and-sixty different angles.

4.- Clearly on its way now, the room is beginning to come together.  The details can be seen here.  Not only is furniture visible in this slide, but so are the extremely minor things, as well:  like lamps, and even a coffee table in the middle.

5.- Almost finished, this rendering is of the master bedroom.  The class decided to go with a modern look and feel.  As a result, the bed is low, and the lines of the room all sleek and clean.

The final product.

The attention to detail exhibited here is only possible because of the legwork put in by students throughout the design process.  With this visual representation, potential homebuyers can get a precise idea of what their house will look like, from the inside out.