New Student Services Center Opens its Doors in Leimert Park Village

PressReleaseLOS ANGELES, CA: Nestled in the heart of South Central Los Angeles lies the community of Leimert Park Village, considered to be the center of African American culture in Los Angeles. This neighborhood, a living testament to the perseverance of the African American legacy in its city, is a constant reminder that the need for a quality education is still one of the greatest challenges facing the African American community at large. Now, as a bold statement of its desire to establish itself as a perennial fixture in the community, CATCH High School, an independent charter school, has just opened its doors to a Student Services Center in Leimert Park Village. But what does this mean to the community?

The central objective of this center is to offer the CATCH Promise – offering real college and career guidance to every student – as a means of preparing them to get a job and to get into college, all the while maintaining a high level of excellence in high school. This offer will extend to any child, from any school. In short, this new center, intended to be a local hub for families looking for straight answers and solutions, represents the CATCH commitment to its mission and vision, and, subsequently, to its local community. This location will therefore serve as more than just a central operations office for CATCH; it will represent a network of support for urban students, their families, and the community at large.

CATCH High School, founded in 2003, has been successfully graduating at-risk students and guiding them towards some of the best universities in the nation. Every student enrolled at CATCH receives a “post-secondary plan,” which ensures that each and every student receives one-on-one mentorship and guidance in regards to their long-term academic and professional goals, in order to prepare them to meet challenges head on. With the advent of the Common Core, all students – regardless of circumstance or socioeconomic context – will be required to read, write, and think at high levels. The goal: long-term sustainability and equality, so that all students will have the opportunity to thrive, to dream, and to persevere against any and all odds.

This is who CATCH is as a school. And in order to help offer students the resources and wherewithal to succeed in an ever-changing world, CATCH is offering its own know-how, its own expertise in how to positively impact the lives of local urban youth. Operating with the mentality that a school is measured by the ways in which it has shaped and molded the lives of its students, CATCH has realized that the time has come to transcend its own obligations and move into social action in its own neighborhood. Both inside and outside of school, CATCH is the kind of institution that values the cultivation of a student’s character. By bringing the spirit of CATCH to Leimert Park, the conversations have just begun. The door is open.

CATCH Services is located at:
4342 Degnan Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90008
Tel.: 323 293-7700