As a community, we are dedicated to positively enhancing the learning environment of inner-city youth in Los Angeles. Our goal is to function as an extension of the family, and to teach young people to make healthy adjustments, and to excel in their lives. We envision that by engendering self-motivation and critical thinking, united with participation and creativity, we can impart the leadership skills requisite for academic achievement. Our vision is to create a community that values, encourages, and instills upon its members an active form of participation in the education of its youth. We invite all that care to share in this vision for our children and to become partners in this educational process.

Crenshaw Arts/Tech Charter High believes that its mission is to provide every student with an education that fosters critical thinking and the development of his or her artistic talents, interests, and learning ability. We believe our primary responsibility is to develop a learning environment that incorporates the arts, computer technology, and real-life experiences in the community so that our students feel a practical purpose exists for their education. The foundation of our program is to educate youth through community-based and inclusive partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and business-owners. This approach addresses students as living, spiritual, active members of the community, giving them a place to contribute to society at large.