CATCH Prep Meet & Greet A Huge Success!

CATCH Prep Charter High School invited students and families to a Meet & Greet this weekend in which Dr. Codio, the new CATCH Principal was introduced to the learning community.  Dr. Codio, along with Miss Pat, Ms. Martinez, Dr. Josh Arnold, and the fabulous group of CATCH teachers welcomed students and families to a new year with the help of Radio Free KJLH and some delicious food and beverages.  

A family event, the entire afternoon highlighted aspects of togetherness that are core principles of the CATCH values ecosystem.  From new students going over enrollment and academic expectations with Dr. Arnold, to families reviewing core expectations with Principal Codio, last weekend’s event was full of opportunities to extend the CATCH promise to each and every stakeholder in the learning community.

Among the most memorable aspects of last weekend’s event, Principal Codio previewed four new innovations that CATCH would be experiencing in the new year.  1) An evolved name, “CATCH Prep” as the community is ripe for an official prep school to serve its college-going aspirations and expectations of career success.  2)  After-school Arts conservatories – in these courses, students will be taught by industry-experts who are fired up about extending their skills to young people.  3)  1-to-1 device access for all students; meaning, every child has access to a chromebook throughout the learning day.  And 4) connectivity and engagement opportunities through social media – CATCH is reaching out to its families via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to ensure that all stakeholders can be in communication with the school 24 hours a day about the latest news, stories, and events.

Dr. Arnold terminated the evening by offering an extended engagement opportunity for parents to connect with the school in the weeks leading up to Opening Day.  Families from Inglewood, Watts, Compton, Culver City, and Beverly Hills were all in attendance this weekend for the Meet & Greet, and everyone agrees, it was absolutely fantastic in every and all ways.