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Street Wear: The Urban Influence.

My girl calls me and tells me there’s a perfect pair of Nike Air Max’s at Flight Club, because everyone knows that I'm a “Shoehead”. So I get there decked out from head to toe in Gucci Graffiti, and the crowd thinks that I’m somebody, you know a celebrity. Then somebody wants to take a picture of me, so you know I be representin'.

Now we all know that designer street wear is influenced by the inner city. Just so YOU all know, Graffiti art started in the inner city streets of Philadelphia by a man called Cornbread.

This is fashion. The cycle of inner city innovation being adopted by the elite. And here’s a preview for ’18: FORGIVENESS.

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Just like the graffiti of 40 years ago was a jumping off point for Gucci Graffiti today. Forgiveness is the word, the feeling, the emotion of our community and you can be sure to expect it on the runway and in designer stores.  


CATCH Prep Charter High School
Whatchu Know Bout Some Tom Ford?

So, what did everyone think about last night's Tom Ford show?


Now I don't mean Binx Walton opening and closing the runway (a timely nod to Texas, perhaps?)... I'm talking about the obvious throwback to the 90's with those pant suits and shoulder pads.  Look, next Spring's line is all about solid metallics and pops of color.   Tom Ford is still obsessed with skin --- he loves the arc and beauty of the female body --- but it's the way this year's clothes respect the past and envision the future that has me loving what I see....


We know about Tom Ford.

Just take a look at A$AP Ferg's new Adidas line debuting this September to respect the back and forth between the street and high fashion.


It's the language on the laces.  A throwback shelltop with the way we communicate today.  "Always Strive And Prosper" is about motivating and inspiring the youth.  Kinda' like what us young fashion bloggers are trying to do.  Right, Jay-Blue?


Oh Boy!

A fashion blog from OUR perspective.  You know, the trendsetters... the youth.  The ones who ripped the jeans you now sew like that.  The kids who innovate your style --- by accident.

This is OUR fashion story direct from our school in South-Central Los Angeles.  This year, I'm a Senior at CATCH Prep, and my school has given me the opportunity to share my style secrets with the world on a Fashion Blog featured directly on our school's website.  Every week, I'll update the blog with pictures, videos, opinions, and advice as I present my personal art for you to love, hate, and do whatever you please with!

My personal style comes from everywhere.  Just like it's supposed to:  the closet, the street, swapmeet, mall.  Name a spot that's lit and I'm on my way.

But fashion isn't a "feeling" as far as I'm concerned.  It's a fact.  You either look good, or you don't.  So I use data to drive my fashion picks.  And I'm talking about the latest --- the here and the now.  

For example, here's my current 2017-2018 Fashion Wish List:

  1. Balmain Boots
  2. Gucci Vintage Track Suit
  3. Moncler Jacket
  4. Nike Pink Air Max 93's
  5. Cartier Glasses
  6. Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection Bag
  7. Balenciaga All Grey Runners
  8. Louis Vuitton Red Supreme Bag
  9. Louis Vuitton Sides
  10. Louis Vuitton Petit Malle Bag
  11. Louis Vuitton Da Vinci Bag
  12. Balenciaga Blue Runners
  13. Louis Vuitton Low Top Me Canaria Sneakers
  14. Gucci Red And Blue Chain Backpack
  15. Valentino Star Sneakers

Let's hear yours?  If you could have fifteen of the finest pieces from around the world, what would they be?  

Said That, 

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