Street Wear: The Urban Influence.


My girl calls me and tells me there’s a perfect pair of Nike Air Max’s at Flight Club, because everyone knows that I'm a “Shoehead”. So I get there decked out from head to toe in Gucci Graffiti, and the crowd thinks that I’m somebody, you know a celebrity. Then somebody wants to take a picture of me, so you know I be representin'.

Now we all know that designer street wear is influenced by the inner city. Just so YOU all know, Graffiti art started in the inner city streets of Philadelphia by a man called Cornbread.

This is fashion. The cycle of inner city innovation being adopted by the elite. And here’s a preview for ’18: FORGIVENESS.

Forgivness copy.png

Just like the graffiti of 40 years ago was a jumping off point for Gucci Graffiti today. Forgiveness is the word, the feeling, the emotion of our community and you can be sure to expect it on the runway and in designer stores.  


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